The next stage in Human evolution


The Effect of Initiations on the Planet

As stated on the home page ones spiritual journey is just part of a bigger picture and plays an important role in helping to raise the consciousness of the planet. Here are some  transmission excerpts from the Spiritual Hierarchy.


....It is all to do with Love. We need to get more Love on the Planet Earth. There is too much hatred and warring as we have said; but if there is more Love then the hatred will die away....

...As regards the Planet itself – yes, it is sick, because of what Man has done with the animals, forests, vegetation and himself. How can the Earth cope with such willful destruction? It has to be redressed....

...This is the beginning of a massive wave of Energy across the Planet which has not been seen for a long time. We see you as Energy forms soon to be lit up, and to use your Light to illuminate the World....


The 75,000

The World is at present severely out of balance with materialism reigning supreme. This situation, if allowed to continue, will inevitably end with catastrophe. This is why this Path (and others) are available today in order to redress that balance. Our mission, is to Initiate 75,000 people into Light and Sound. This represents a critical mass which will tip the balance away from materialism in favour of Spirituality. As a consequence, we are taught, the Vibrational Energies of the Human species will Ascend to the Higher Dimensions. We, as a race, will become far more sensitive towards our fellow man and our environment. 

The Ascension


The Ascension has been talked about for years and many groups are participating with positive energy to make it happen. We understand from the Spiritual Hierarchy that the Ascension will not be a cataclysmic event but a gradual and gentle process.

As more and more people are Initiated the Light and Sound Energies will begin to have an increasing effect on this Planet and its inhabitants. The process has already begun and there are many signs that demonstrate this.

Spiritual Awakenings

Many groups of Light workers along with the new Lightwave for Light and Sound Meditation have contributed to increased Spiritual awakenings over the past few years. These awakenings can be categorized as people witnessing Spiritual Sound and Light, along with epiphanies about the subtle energies and there identities. This video covers our observations from the many people who have contacted us to talk about their experiences.