A Testimonial of Enlightenment (Y.F.)

“I am love. I am formless; I am the essence of everything and everybody. I am everywhere. I am the light that illuminates the path back to me. I am the sound that transports you where matter can´t reach; more and more within, breaking layers upon layers of limits until you reach me, your essence. Rest in me, I am the empty space where all creation is manifested. Galaxies, dimensions, stars, planets, beings from every sphere, ascended masters, people, animals, plants, oceans and seas, fire, rains… everything leads you to me. I was never born; I will never die. 


A Testimonial of Enlightenment (J.H.)

 “I meditated through the night, Sunday, a first for me but there was no time, it was effortless and wonderful. I have always felt there was a journey, new and exciting places to be, somewhere I could be content forever.

Suddenly, in an instant there wasn’t.

Everything stopped – no Sound – no Light – no Thing,

Just that part of me that became one with no Thing, “I” was no thing.

I was every Thing, I was the source of no Thing and every Thing, words are so inadequate, but it was beautiful and all I can equate it to is LOVE.

For every Thing and no Thing, how jumbled, but it’s as clear as day for me, blissful and yet not. I have stopped every now and then but I can keep going, it’s easy and I am energized, involved with everything and no thing, I am singing ??

I felt like my world had imploded, I was not going anywhere, it was not a journey, my expansion was infinite, ‘I’ was the journey, there was no thing, I KNEW – I UNDERSTOOD what I had been searching for – for 20 years and not knowing I was the roadblock, such simplicity, all we need is LOVE, not the earthly physical kind, but the global love that can heal nations.