We are told by the Spiritual Hierarchy that the Path of Light and Sound has existed on the Earth since the time when Man first began to question his own existence.

Throughout the ages there are references to Meditation, the Light and Sound Energies, a Spiritual Path and the State of Enlightenment.  Religious literature contains vast numbers of clues to this effect which support the idea that Spirituality has always been available somewhere on the Planet.  

In days of old it was often kept secret and was only revealed to a few chosen people.  They had to show total devotion to the Truth and endured rigorous and extreme practices and lifestyles.

We think that access to the Spiritual realms was generally through an initiation requiring physical touch.  However, we also suspect that a few individuals attained high States of Consciousness spontaneously.  The important difference is that they could not pass on the Energies! 

 Together with Spiritual States people also received Knowledge directly from the Hierarchy which accounts for the amazing growth of Civilizations that have appeared from time to time.  Consider the amazing achievements of the ancient Egyptians, the Chinese, the Persians, Greeks and Romans. This Knowledge was not only practical and scientific but also related to the arts.  Even today you will hear musicians and artists admit that they were given the lyrics and melodies of songs and the visions to create magnificent sculptures.  They just popped into their heads! 


 “And God said Let there be Light”  Genesis 1:3

 This is incredibly profound as there is no reference before this to either Light or Sound.  Therefore it speaks of the Nature of god...existing before the duality of the Light and the Sound…..a pure State of Oneness!

"If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. " Mathew 6:22

This surely is explaining how to Meditate on the Light, by means of the third eye.  The third eye is depicted in Hinduism as positioned in the center of the forehead and is often symbolized by a small red dot.  Here is a case of ritual superseding Truth! 

 “And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the Heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him” Mathew 3:16

This perfectly describes an Initiation and the importance of passing on the Energies, in this case from John to Jesus.  It was after this that Jesus went into the desert (to attain Enlightenment) before starting his Mission.


 ‘If the Light of a thousand Suns suddenly arose in the sky, that splendor might be compared to the radiance of the Supreme Spirit”    Bhagavad Gita.
This is a beautiful description of the Light that was revealed to Arjuna by his Teacher, Lord Krishna. 

There are several references to the Lotus feet of the Guru especially by the Hare Krishna movement and the 1000 petalled Lotus in the Gita.  For people who have been Initiated this is one of the first revelations of the Spiritual Light and takes the form of an inner Sun.  It is usually seen as an incredible disc of Golden/White Light containing intricate geometries which may resemble petals. 

 The Path has had many names such as the Way of Buddhism and the Tao of Taoism.  The scriptures suggest that the Seeker needs to take a Journey that takes place within Meditation.

There is also many references to elevated Spiritual existence.  The Quran and Bible refer to Heaven and the Buddhists to Nirvana.  They also speak of Eternal Life and the escape from the wheel of birth and death.  There is also the teaching that existence after death depends on the way a person lives their Earthly life. 


 In more recent times the Path as we know it can be found in the teachings of Guru Nanak (15th century) who is responsible for the origins of Sikhism.  In the Adi Granth there are many references to the Divine Light and the Sound Current.  There is also a recorded lineage that passes the ability to Initiate from one Guru to the next.  Modern day Sikhism is based on the teachings of Guru Nanak and the nine Gurus who followed.   The teachings describe in great detail the Path in terms of what a Meditator will see and hear.  What is written tallys beautifully with the discoveries of modern day Meditators; the 1000 Petalled Lotus being a perfect example.

There are many lineage trees with many branches that show how the Energies were passed on, sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully!  If the Guru became corrupt it seems that their Spiritual ability diminished.  This led to complicated practices taking the place of simple initiations and focussed more on the teacher than the pupil. 


Light and Sound Meditation in the 20th Century

 In writing the history of this present Path we feel it is best to leave out the names of people and places.  The emphasis will instead be on the Spiritual Miracles and the way they unfolded.  We have included dates to help the reader understand the timeline of the most important events.

Our starting point is 1975 when a Master received his Mantle from the Intelligence we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy.  He had received a Light and Sound Initiation from a group known as Divine Light Mission.  The story goes that he Meditated over a period of 40 days, achieved Enlightenment and then received the Mantle together with various powers and an incredible amount of Esoteric Knowledge from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

He was given a remit, to Enlighten and train 40 Teachers referred to as Adepts.  The plan was to then to send these Adepts to various countries around the World where they could teach and Initiate.  In this way the Path would become global in a short period of time.  Based on more recent evidence we think the target may have been 70,000 people.

Unfortunately the Master wanted to control everything and kept his Adepts close to him.  Even so, the numbers were steadily growing and were approaching 2000 by the year 1986.  It was in that year that disaster struck.  The need to control and a number of serious  allegations relating to the behaviour of the Master resulted in the collapse of the group.

The shock was so great that all the Adepts and nearly all the Initiates left.  However, a few loyal Seekers remained, determined to finish their own Paths and to support the Master.  Growth was now very slow as the new group were hampered by the legacy of the past which included some very bad publicity that had been recorded by the media.

Undeterred, some of the members created centers and traveled around the World in an attempt to resurrect some of the original groups.  These were turbulent times with people coming and going.  The numbers grew slowly but the original momentum had been lost.  There was also much infighting regarding the spreading the Path and what should be taught....should the emphasis be on devotion, Esoteric Knowledge or philosophy?

The Master showed much Love and Compassion towards his followers but at the same time unfortunately created divisions and unrest which led to some of his most loyal members deserting him.  They found it far too frustrating and upsetting to work in such a negative atmosphere.  The sad thing was that they really wanted to serve the Truth but couldn’t find a way to operate in the system which had become too critical and claustrophobic.

It was from these people that the Spiritual Hierarchy made contact with a couple who had gained much Esoteric Knowledge and experience Initiating for the Master.  They had devoted their lives to helping people walk the Path and attain Enlightenment.  

Having left the group they thought they were going to retire; the Hierarchy had other plans!  Initially, the contact was focused on mundane topics but over time changed to information regarding new technologies and Esoteric Cosmology.  They were obviously being tested to ascertain their suitability for the roles they were about to be given.


Light and Sound Meditation - the current Lightwave

 On 16th February 2015 a message from the Hierarchy asked them to start a new Path. This was totally unexpected and unprecedented.  All previous Paths on this Planet were orchestrated by Spiritual Masters.  The couple decided to set the new Path up so as to try and avoid the major pitfalls  and shortcomings that plagued previous groups.

These were the days of the Internet so reaching out to the World could now be done through the use of websites.  Instead of assuming leadership they could see the advantage of each Teacher being independent.  It would always be the same Light and Sound; the teachings would depend on what the Teacher decided made sense to them. It would also mean that Seekers could choose the Adept they felt most comfortable with.  Another consideration was to abolish lifestyle restrictions.  Instead people were given the freedom to moderate their own consumptions of meat, fish, alcohol and drugs. Finally, the problem of money was solved by introducing a “Pay it Forward” principle.  All teachings and Initiations would be absolutely free.  No money would be paid back to the Teachers instead if anybody wished to contribute they could pay it forward by helping the new people in their quest for the Truth.

Adepts and experienced Initiates from all around the World were contacted and most came on board immediately.  They had been waiting for a real purpose and a means to help others find Spirituality.

More websites were acquired that offered the Path to people in a number of different languages.  These included English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and even Swahili.

The numbers grew quickly for a number of reasons.  The enthusiasm of the Teachers played a big part but it was mostly due to the amazing input from the Hierarchy.   Again They seem to be judging and at every turn made it easier to perform the Initiations.  Instead of the traditional 3 days, many Initiations were conducted in a single day.  Grace Periods were introduced to assist Initiations and provide enhanced Energetic periods for Meditators to achieve Higher States of Consciousness.  Instead of 3 distinct stages to the Path a Meditator only needed the Initial Touch after which they had the potential to attain Enlightenment by themselves.  This dramatically reduced the need for Adepts to travel and made it easier to spread the Path globally.

The vast amount of Energy released by the new Lightwave also meant that ordinary people were becoming aware of the Light and Sound prior to Initiation and in some cases without even Meditating.

Additionally, the Initiates were given a number of special Mantras for a whole host of applications.  These ranged from healing to helping people with drug problems and addressing global issues such as war.

Research continues regarding the new technologies which are being applied to combating the effects of microwaves and other areas of health.  Additionally, much Knowledge is being "brought down" by a number of Initiates who are in touch with the Hierarchy.  This includes topics that include an understanding of death, Karma and reincarnation.

Our Mission is to Initiate 75,000 people which we are told is the critical mass required to significantly change the Consciousness of the Planet.  The process has already started as can be seen by the number of people accessing the Spiritual Energies spontaneously.   

We are not alone in this endeavour; there are a number of groups working in parallel with us which include the Path of the Master mentioned above.  Some of these groups offer Light and Sound Initiations while others work with Energies to assist in the process we refer to as the Ascension.  Our task however, is to reach the masses which is why the Hierarchy are making it so easy for us.

At the time of writing (June 2019) our numbers are growing fast.  Today there are around 6000 Initiates in 36  Countries of which well over 350 have attained Enlightenment.