Transmissions from the Spiritual Hierarchy

In preparation for the Ascension the Spiritual Hierarchy are sending messages to inspire and inform, this is happening globally, the likes of which we have never seen before! This website is going to focus on the transmissions received in the USA , the global site for the Spiritual Hierarchy will contain transmissions from around the world so bookmark that site as well!

Transmissions will be in date order, and as the number increases additional pages will be added .

February 6 2019 (Arizona)

There will be a great coming of knowledge on this planet to you, soon.

What you do with that knowledge will determine your future as a species and a planet.

Do not take it lightly.

It will be received everywhere.

You are at a critical moment in your journey as a species.

Some of you will make it. Some of you will not.

Find the peace. Connect with peace, with love, with light, the Source.

We are the Lords of Light. 

We are here to assist you, if you choose.

December 16 2018 (California)

We are the  Lords of Love and Light we are so pleased that you are here, we have much to share; it is essential that the countries around the globe collaborate to bring light work and peacemaking to light, to be known. Adepts and Initiates need to collaborate as well there are new light workers coming forward around the globe,  There needs to be a web portal for light workers to post transmissions many will come from around the world. There is much work to do there will be other light beings from other dimensions to help guide all.