The Spiritual Journey


Prior to Initiation we advise people to have spent some time developing their meditation and concentration, using their breath and subsequently a special mantra. This allows a sense of stillness to grow, which is an essential quality when meditating on the Light and Sound after Initiation. We provide the necessary guidance and support to prepare you for Initiation. 


Light and Sound Initiation

The Initiation is given through the touch of an Enlightened person, someone who has traveled the path of Light and Sound to its source and have had the ultimate cause of existence revealed to them. 

 With the First Initiation into the Light and Sound, our awareness is now beyond the five senses, the limited vision of intuition and the physical creation. We now have access to far subtler Energies. These vibrations of Light and Sound carry with them vast expanses of Space and Stillness and Knowledge of higher forms of the Spiritual Realms 


A massive expansion of Consciousness

On the journey you will undergo a further, massive, expansion of Consciousness. Although impossible to imagine or describe, you will be taken beyond the limits of your mind. From this amazing new perspective you will realize what you are not, and yet still do not know what you are.

This stage is so vast it has often been confused with Enlightenment but it does not reveal to us our true Identity, despite this formless state giving us a vast increase in our Awareness. 



As we write about the final Initiation, we know words cannot possibly convey this Ultimate Revelation. However, we sense that you would still rather we tried. 

 Enlightenment is given through the Grace of the Spiritual Hierarchy and is an infinite state of awareness with no beginning and no end. It is also a total saturation in the purest form of Love, something far beyond the love we experience in our personal relationships. This is the love that binds the creation together and is one of the most important realizations on attaining Enlightenment. 

The illusion of separation has been completely dispelled and so you will see at once the Unity pervading all things. As we write much of our Planet is in turmoil and due to Spiritual ignorance there is immense human suffering. Enlightenment reveals a Divine Love beyond all thoughts, beliefs and religions as it is the direct revelation of God.